Coaching Package


This coaching package is great for those with chronic issues, big goals or sensitivities they want to master. This package includes the initial session, shamanic journey teachings and 7 addition sessions for the cost of 6.

The coaching sessions help you go deeper into the practices that you have learned. Sometimes the work you want to do will require longer term focus and I am here to support you through the bigger work as it evolves and as you need. Coaching is an opportunity to learn to modify your practices to work on relevant struggles or goals, no matter what they may be. We can tap into insights by connecting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Scheduling regular sessions has great potential to change lives as you shift, grow and become more empowered. It will provide support for you to integrate the work in your life with more ease and accountability.

To create the best experience, the first 4 sessions on this package should be completed within 8 weeks. Because of this, the initial session, the two teaching sessions and the 1 coaching session appointments must be completed with in 8 weeks of the initial session. The entire package must be completed within 18 months.

Actual Cost Breakdown:
$220   Initial Session (1.5 to 2 hrs.)
$300   Two Teaching Sessions (1 hr. each session)
$1050  Seven Addition Sessions (1 hr. each session)

$1570 = Total

Package = $1350 (saves $220)


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