…compassionately connecting people with their heart, spirit and soul to bring them closer to what’s important in their lives.

When listening deeply to those I work with what I hear them say is,

"I feel isolated, without like-minded people to support and understand me."

"I want to go deeper into my own healing so that I no longer feel held back in my life and dreams."

"I am struggling and feel stuck even though I work diligently and do all the right things."

Eileen Crispell
If you have endured chronic illness, stresses and trauma, your struggle may seem invisible to others. But it is very real to you as you live it every day, sometimes minute by minute.

You can find and trust your own gifts of intuition and remove what ever is in the way of you living your most empowered, purposeful life.

In my own life, I came up against chronic health issues and life’s stresses. In my journey to healing I found myself, my true purpose, my joy and re-engaged with my fierce life spark. I discovered that my gifts of empathic intuition and my deep wells of compassion no longer had to be my overwhelm – they were my super powers.  They were the very things that brought me out of pain, bewilderment, and overwhelm and into a life with grace, ease and joy.

My gifts of empathic intuition and compassion, along with my training and experience working as a shamanic practitioner, allow me to help others to establish mastery of their gifts so they can live the life and purpose they were meant to without overwhelm and grief.

Recently one of my clients said to me after her first session

“I feel like I just stepped up onto the first rung of the latter to peace. I am looking up from the dark and see light now.”

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