We handle a lot in our lives. We seek tools to help us with our finances, our health and our lifestyle. We get so busy it’s easy to neglect those things that are less tangible, like our emotions, energy and spiritual well-being. Whether we are fully aware of it or not, these things have a big impacts on our lives. They deserve to be acknowledged, understood, and supported, just like all the other things in our lives.

A combination of awareness and tools helps you to work through tough stuff with more ease and understanding while also consciously bringing compassion, peace and joy into your life. This will help you move forward intentionally and confidently, empowering you to bring your best self into the future.

shamanic services

Some of the reasons you might seek out my help…

  • You are feeling in crisis from, or needing support with, healing chronic health, emotional and spiritual issues for you or your children.
  • You are experiencing something unusual or unexplainable and needing to gain understanding and tools to manage it.
  • You want personal coaching to understand and build your own intuition, empathic skills or sensitivities of any kind, to empower you to use them towards your personal goals.
  • You need guidance and support to work though trauma or any life circumstance, to bring compassion and ease to the process.

INTRO / Q and A (20-min)

This phone call allows you and I to get introduced. You can give me an overview of your goals and issues and you’ll have the opportunity to ask anything about me and the work we would do together. This is not a working session but will provide those who need it, more understanding and comfort prior to making an appointment.


I charge for this time because I take this introduction seriously and bring to the call my entire focus, so that the correct decision can be made. This is not required prior to working with me. It is for those who would like to connect prior to deciding to make an appointment for an initial session or a package. If an initial session or package is booked I will credit the $25 towards that session.
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The first session will last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. I allow for this much time because the first session is very important as the foundation for all the other work we will do together. This is a teaching and healing session. We will take time to understand what your current situation is and what your goals are.


I will take you through exercises that will bring deeper awareness and understanding to what is currently going on for you and help you leave this session with an opportunity to find some initial peace and calm. This session is required before scheduling any other sessions.
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This is a 3 session package where I teach you the art of taking a shamanic journey and some ways to use this tool in your life. I will guide the teaching specifically for you and your goals and needs. There will be homework and practice between the sessions. Shamanic journeying is one of the oldest and most common practices amongst ancient cultures around the world. It is growing in use in our modern times. Traditionally and today, it is used to bring healing, help and understanding to our lives. It is a practice that’s use is as vast as human need and as personalize as each one who uses it.

To create the best experience all sessions on this package should be completed within 8 weeks. Because of this, all appointments must be completed within 8 weeks of the initial session. 

Actual Cost Breakdown:
$220   Initial Session
$300   Two Teaching Sessions
$520 = Total

PACKAGE= $450 (saves $70)


Soul Retrieval is another ancient practice to bring healing, wholeness and empowerment to any individual. It is a process that can happen quite naturally when someone has the intention to be whole and does the work to understand their nature and align themselves with it. It is this process that I take you through with an Initial Session, journey work and then a Soul Retrieval.

In this package, I include teaching to do the Shamanic Journeys and a 30-minute Integration Session after the Soul Retrieval. Learning to journey helps to facilitate the Soul Retrieval. The integration is a time to check back in a week or so after the soul retrieval to make sure you are supported with integration and the empowerment Soul Retrieval can bring. There will be homework and practice in between sessions.

To create the best experience all sessions on this package should be completed within 8 weeks. Because of this, all appointments must be completed within 8 weeks of the initial session.

Actual Cost Breakdown:
$220   Initial Session (1.5 to 2 hrs.)
$300  Two Shamanic Journey Teaching Sessions
$150   Soul Retrieval
$75     Integration (30-min)
$745 = Total

Package = $600 (saves $145)


Note: Occasionally more work may be required prior to the Soul Retrieval. This can often be determined as part of the Initial session. If we determine together that additional sessions are needed, I will offer each addition session prior to the soul retrieval at a 10% discount, or $135 per session, as long as the work is associated with the purchase of this package.

This coaching package is great for those with chronic issues, big goals or sensitivities they want to master. This package includes the initial session, shamanic journey teachings and 7 addition sessions for the cost of 6. The coaching sessions help you go deeper into the practices that you have learned. Sometimes the work you want to do will require longer term focus and I am here to support you through the bigger work as it evolves and as you need. Coaching is an opportunity to learn to modify your practices to work on relevant struggles or goals, no matter what they may be. We can tap into insights by connecting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Scheduling regular sessions has great potential to change lives as you shift, grow and become more empowered. It will provide support for you to integrate the work in your life with more ease and accountability.

To create the best experience, the first 4 sessions on this package should be completed within 8 weeks. Because of this, the initial session, the two teaching sessions and the 1 coaching session appointments must be completed with in 8 weeks of the initial session. The entire package must be completed within 18 months. 

Actual Cost Breakdown:
$220   Initial Session (1.5 to 2 hrs.)
$300   Two Teaching Sessions (1 hr. each session)
$1050  Seven Addition Sessions (1 hr. each session) 

$1570 = Total

Package = $1350 (saves $220)


This is a package of five (5) (1 hour) sessions at a 10% discount for existing and continuing clients.

This package must be completed within one year time. 

Package cost = $675 ($750)




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