I have had the gifts of emphatic intuition, allowing me to hone in on the energy and feelings of others and otherworldly realms, for my entire life. I use these skills in my work with clients to bring awareness and understanding to light in areas unknown, unseen, and unacknowledged in their lives. I have earned a B.F.A. and M.A., and I had a successful career in architecture, where I started and ran my own green architecture firm.

Though I loved my work, it was the world that is not concrete or physical that was truly my calling. This unseen aspect of our society became more important to my own well-being over time, and at some point, it became imperative that I focus directly on my most important gifts and purpose.

I have studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and spirituality my entire adult life. I have studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies achieving a certificate in their “Shamanic Healing Intensive” and their “Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.”
I have had many mentors and teachers through the years. Two that I am particularly grateful for are Muneeza Ahmed (Intuitive Medicine Woman™) and Peter Clark (of The Shaman’s Flame).

They have challenged me, inspired me and continue to hold me to the highest standard. I also participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner’s Support service, and I am committed to learning and sharing Medical Medium information.

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