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This meditation and accompanying guide is as close as you can get to having an initial session with me on your own. It is the foundational step into doing soul work. The information in this guide and the recording will take you through much of the work that gets done in an initial session with me.



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The work goes deep into discovery of what is happening with your heart, spirit, and soul. It is the discovery work that leads to enlightenment about your inner workings. It has the potential to show you where you are strong, powerful and whole, and where you may be wounded and need support. If you are looking to delve into your heart, spirit and soul, if your are interested in understanding who and what is influencing you, if you want to heal and take charge and stewardship of your heart, spirit, and soul, this is the place to start. This meditation is not just for new clients. I have a lot of requests from existing clients to have this process recorded, so they can use it on their own and here it is. Whether you have done this work with me or not, this information will help you do the discovery and healing work on your own.

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