"Eileen has been the most pivotal facilitator on my journey. She is divinely compassionate, kind, and wise beyond human perception. Eileen always has incredible guidance & insight to support me...no matter the dilemma, darkness, or joy. And, she has gently mentored me to navigating my life and path with more confidence & trust in myself. Her sessions are exquisite and I always walk away in expansiveness, clear of the clutter, free of heaviness, and so connected with my self, my soul & my purpose. I am infinitely grateful for Eileen’s Shamanic gifts and support. My health, relationships & direction in life have soared since I started working with her."
~ Emilie Tonkin
"Eileen is a compassionate, wise and very intuitive shaman. I found her journeying assistance to be very helpful for myself and my pet."
~ Janeah Saadeh
"Eileen is one amazing Healer and Shamanic practitioner as well as deeply compassionate being. Eileen has the ability and acute awareness allowing her to tune in and know exactly what is needed in the moment. Her tools and gifts allow you to transform and reclaim pieces of yourself bringing you back to your wholeness in this life. My journey's with her have been invaluable! I am grateful and highly recommend her services."
~ Dr. Sherri Greene
"Over the last year, Eileen has helped me navigate a trying environment and prevail while becoming the woman I am today: strong, independent and focused in a most hopeful and positive way. I am grateful for her presence in my life and all of her work. Thank you, Eileen."
~ J.S.

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