It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late… to reach for your dreams, to learn, to find love, to do better, to heal, to be you, and to start over, no matter how hard you have been knocked down! 

This is me in my father’s arms. It looks to me like he is holding a doll, not a real baby, and certainly not me. Of course I have  no memory of this moment. Yet, that look on his face is seared into my heart still. Imbedded into my spirit are words I heard him speak from his heart, as often as he could. The words,“It’s never too late,” are his words.  As I reflect upon all that has changed in my life, all the impossibilities that became possible, all the times others told me “you can’t” and I said “watch me,” I know that my father and these words made a difference in my life.

My father was by no means a perfect man, however he always aimed to lift others up. He was nobody’s fool, and the first to step in to help anyone who needed it.  His ever positive presence lifted others up, and when he spoke, people listened. In college, and as a young adult, he would take my friends and I out for dinner, he would say with a big warm smile “order what ever you want,” and then he would entertain and captivate the evening with his genuine interest in everyone at the table and his stories. They were stories from, as he called it, the “school of hard knocks.” They were stories meant to enlighten, encourage and help. He sincerely wanted every single person to know that they deserved a good life, no matter what they had done or been through. The stories always came wrapped in humor and the theme that one can alway change, always find new ways and always begin again. It’s never too late… to learn, to do better and to find and live the life you want.

I came into his life when he was older. I knew there were parts of his story that came before me, that helped create his deep wells of compassion. He had been through some tough situations, and helped countless family and friends out of their own tough moments. He said he had completely started over many times. He ascribed to never judge another because one could not know what they had been through. In fact, I was the result of one of those new beginnings and big life changes. I literally owe my life to the fact that this man was willing to always live big dreams and follow his heart, no matter what he had been through.

I am old enough, and have been through enough of life’s joys and hard knocks now, that I can see myself from the perspective of his words. I feel like I have lived many lives. Each one requiring bravery and an understanding that “It’s never too late”. These words linger in my head, in his voice, with his big smile and the feel of his bear hugs, telling me… It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to change. It’s ok to learn. It’s ok to do better this time. It’s ok to want better for yourself. It’s ok no matter what others may think or say about it. It’s ok to be you because you are amazing and you are on a human journey. Most of all, do not let any past misfortune define your future. 

Now I am on a new adventure, one that was faintly in my wildest dreams, but I never imagined would move into real life. It was a wistful thought that would find me in quiet moments, when I allowed myself to think beyond what I thought was possible. Then I would quickly think, maybe in some other lifetime that will happen for me. I even had the voices of others confirming my fears that I could never do or have what I do now, without them even knowing this faint dream in my soul. Yet here I am, living it and happily sweating out all the details each day. I am more ready than I have ever been to live better, smarter, and in more truth, trust, and hope. I have more hints of more dreams to come and still thirst for knowledge, understanding, connections, peace, and compassion despite many “hard knocks.” I will fight the good fight, and keep going no matter how bad it seems in any moment because I know, “It’s never too late.” 

My Father has been gone for a couple of decades now, but I love to share his words of hope and encouragement. Know that “It’s never too late”  to reach for your dreams, to learn, to find love, to be you, to heal, and to start again, no matter how hard you have been knocked down. No matter your circumstance, they can and will change. 

If you can’t get out of bed because your body is ill, remember that this moment is not forever. You can heal and live your purpose, even now. Close your eyes and imagine yourself connecting skin to earth. Imagine feeling the sun warming you all the way to your bones and the fresh air filling your lungs. Compassion is your friend and always with you, even if you aren’t sure. Rise up and be proud to heal. “It’s never too late”.
If you are functioning but tired, too tired to do what you think you should do, or want to do. If you see all the world’s evils and just feel like you are drowning, remember that this is just a moment. Go outside and put skin to earth. Raise your head and arms up to welcome the sun and air around you. You will be full and ready to take your life on again, one day. Compassion is your friend and always with you even, if you are not sure. Rise up and be proud of all you do each day. “It’s never too late”.
If you are strong and capable, but feel so very depressed, panicked or full of anxiety, remember these feelings are not who you are. These feelings are not your karma or your lot in this life. Go outside and put skin to earth, raise your arms and face to the sun and air, and ask them to whisper to you the truth of who you are. Compassion is your friend and always with you, even if you are not sure. Rise up and find someone your heart trusts, and share your story, it will help you and others. “It’s never too late”.
If you are strong, happy and living a good life, remember that others are doing what they can. It may not look like they are climbing mountains, but that is exactly what they are doing. Go outside and put skin to earth. Raise your arms and face to the sun and air, and ask them to whisper to you the truth of your purpose in this life, and how to use it to help those climbing their unseen mountains. Compassion is your friend and always with you, even if you are not sure. Rise up and move into your purpose. The world needs you. “It’s never too late”.
Rise up, the world needs us all, no matter where we are or what we are capable of in any moment… “It’s never too late”.

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